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Advance Data Analytics

LH–ES chains industrial 4.0 revolution and partnered with technology developers to perform advance data analytics for customers via data storage, analyze and monitoring. This can be done via real time or by batch data. Advance data analysis can be applicable for all the industries to optimize the process, operation, maintenance and workflow. The analytical categories used are predictive analytics, data mining, data aggregation, machine learning, artificial intelligent, big data analytics, algorithm and etc. We will provide the solutions to our clients as long they have the sensors to measure.

Advance data analytics can be best integrated into internet of things (IoT) for the following applications:

-Smart Manufacturing
-Smart Agriculture
-Smart Cities
-Smart buildings

Supply Consumbales and Spareparts

LH-ES is the ideal company to supply quality products to meet your engineering consumables requirement in term of quality,cost and delivery. The consumbales that we able to provide are varied from fasteners,abrasives,safety products,sensors & actuators and etc.


All our Engineers are experienced with international specifications like ASME, PED, Marine Class, ISO, API, TEMA, NACE, DEP, NEC, IEC etc.

In house Industry standard design software:

“UNISIM” (HYSYS for Process Simulation)
“OEM Simulation software” (for Compressor Sizing)
“HTRI” (for Heat Exchanger design)
“PV ELITE” (for Pressure Vessel Design)
“CAESAR” (for Pipe stress analysis)
“MULTIFRAME” (for Structural Skid design)
“AUTOCAD” (for General drafting)
“CAD WORX” (for 3D modeling)

Factory, Batam

  • Close proximity to international ports with extensive shipping routes.
  • Large workshop space for packages & modules fabrication.

Completed Projects

  • YAMAL LNG Project for Siemens / Yamgaz (2015): Structural fabrication, and total weight 1100Ton
  • Kaombo Block 32 Project for Siemens / Total (2015): Structural fabrication, and total weight 1400Ton
  • Piping Fabrication and Installation For Yamal LNG Project (2016)
  • Project Nepata at Pulai Nipah Island (2017): Engineering consultancy and Project Management services.
  • Provide consultation and operation service to develop PT Sokado as Oil & Gas contractor (2017)

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